Simple Whispers Shaped Like Poems

I am not a poet. Some whispers, sensations, prayers and gifts simply fit best in the shadowbox of a poem.

Beyond the Pane                            (August 2012)
To the soul's long sigh
The heart beats yet again
A drum beat calling the breath
Played without the touch of hands.

Beyond the Pane                            (July 2012)

Staring through the window,
The only door,
Her heart echoed the beat
Of the sliding abacus bead.

One plus how many? No matter,
All weighted to summed and gone,
The clicking of the count only
Times tried and still alone.

Another piece of tape
More tape than pane,
No more beads to slide
A window is not a door.

A piece of tape clung to her finger
A bird sat on the ledge and dancing trees.
A window is not a door
She entered her heart instead.

Wind Kiss                            (June 2012)

Lifting the hair away
Her warm breath kissed my neck
Singing ocean waves upon the shore.

Layers                   (June 2012)

My body the cement covered grass
My mind the cement laden path
My spirit the sun’d air above the path
Pushing down, pushing up, lying still and flat.
Each moving to its own essence.

Even cement is but earth and water
Nature’s elements move and dance
The grass will find the cement’s smile
Greeted by the sun’d air and moon
Each breathing to its own essence.

Confetti Clouds                                (June 2012)

The need to get lost
No thought only my senses stand
Within the embrace of Home.

Where do thoughts fly to
When tree’d arms toss them away
Mental order now confetti clouds?

My trunk to climb yours
My body tucked in your arms
Watching confetti clouds fly.

“Mandatory Return”                      (June 2012)

One so soft, lush and inviting
Calls and beckons, my being aches
To hold her close, to lay in her rivers
To feel her breath, her heat and its abating.

Like a sailor I watch the waves of waiting
As they erase the horizon where she stood
My heart lifting and rising with each wave
Daring me to leap and swim to the shore.

Oh yes another calls, drawing and hungry
But think not my heart has become blind.
Only one holds my heart, her voice alone
My healer, my abiding, she gifted this love.

Complete the Quench                   (June 2012)

The carton crumbles beneath my impotence
Stuffing the maimed back in its closet
The eyes see both carton and lid are bent
Shyly the maimed aligns the scars
A perfect fit, effecting the maimed.
Moistened eyes gaze towards the mountains
The scarring healing yet more still feeding
A whispered prayer to Life and nature
‘Align the scars and quench the hunger’

Giving Drink to the Birds                              (June 2012)

Afternoon ice to cool the water
Knowing not if they drink
Simply my heart pouring.

Trust of Constancy                          (June 2012)
Gold against green
A final kiss good night
Bending limbs whisper ‘Til the morn’

Tween Time                       (June 2012)

The sun has bowed to the warmed earth,
Golden hands to heart her eyes close
From a distance, but closer than midday,
The moon’s whisper pirouettes cross the sky
Garlands of pink stream behind her breath
‘I am here.  I am coming.
Your bed of blackened velvet waits
The stars readied with twinkling waters
And I await your kiss. Closer now I come.

To Not Await                     (June 2012)
To love another
To be loved
Oneness of body spirit and mind
So that i in wholeness 
Can love you Sweet Earth.
Let it not be until death
That I can crawl into you.

To Release the Heat                       (June 2012)

Cold water upon my feet
Knees and breath buckle
I call to the waterfall.

Cold River Covering                        (June 2012)

Sweet soul of mine, forgive me
I can offer not one excuse.
I heard your voice, felt your need
Accepted the gratitude not the desire.

June 21, 2012 on the way to Blue Lake, CO

Three Rivers                      (June 2012)

Sometimes if feels like puberty
Hormones rushing unexplained
Natural, a part of my DNA
Required to grow and take my shape.

My body mind and spirit disconnected
Each with their own DNA
Fallen limbs fork the river into three
Un-singular they rush to the fall.

Of the same source and pull
Expression made different by the debris
One tight its force contained, focused
Another boundless gently rushes
The third tumbles upon itself.

Will my voice change? Grow taller?
Will my body reflect the shape of my gender?
Will the womb of life fold and cup?
Will the moon call my body to dance each month?

Is puberty possible when it has been removed
Through age, solitude and surgery, now quieted?
Does the DNA of one’s being awaken again?
Will its dance now entwine a different helix?

I live in a world that demands separation
Leash the body, train the mind, submit the spirit
And yet, the three rivers are coursing wild
Perhaps to be rejoined at the fall.

Window’d Choice                           (June 2012)

The lake like windowed glass ripples
The windowed pane does not.
Life swimming below looks up
Life reaching and flying looks down
Behind the pane no movement.
I must go and walk again.

A Freak                 (June 2012)

I accept I am a freak in what I see
Annoying perhaps for others to read
An adolescent in love gushing and silly.
To those stay’d in their relationships
But a child jabbering endlessly.
They wait and hope, I am certain
That reality will temper my zeal.

Unabashedly, I confess, I am in love
The earth, her softness, her song
Will not permit my eyes to be quiet.
To grow old with her, mirror her face
She to finish my sentences and I her’s
To know not ‘til death us do part’
For even then, another embrace.

Grounded Flight                              (June 2012)

Without wing a feather took flight
A wingless leaf dared to reach
She now bears a white feather
But cannot fly.

Awakened Plea                                                (June 2012)        

Cover me in your blackened moist softness
Bending with my bends, filling every crease
Roll this body in your gentle orbit round
Sinking in your ocean your voice suspending me
To dry upon your shores’ nestled warmth.

Your fingered roots reaching within
Drawing forth and overflowing
Cleanse the dryness and brittled body
Like the wildness carrying is housed shell
Call me forth to swim unencumbered

My body spirit mind, in diffused ocean
Sunlight bending, breaking and woven,
Reaches upward with open hands and eyes
Breathing the water’s air and newness
Awaken awaken awakened plea.

Just Let Me See                                (June 2012)

Show me the mountain
Fingered hands point towards the door
I will abandon my fear.

Ocean’d Child                   (June 2012)

An ocean child, fires did not exist
Now mesa and mountained, all I feel
Quench the hunger of the fire
Let it drink from the ocean’d child.

Trophyless Body                              (June 2012)

I can make it move by will alone
This pitted chipped conch shell
Aged by the ocean’s constant tide
Battered by the waves above me
I carry this body, my shell my house.

Divers may reach even touch
Release it back to its ocean bed
Imperfect, perhaps even ugly
Not one to grace a tourist’s shelf
Not a trophy nor memory with value.

To one who knows the dance
Whose legs have split the waves
Whose feet have sunk into ocean earth
Perhaps the pitted shell I carry
Would whisper in their ear.

I am not a trophy, memory nor value
I am pitted, chipped, colors faded
But I know the song of the sea
I know how waves prism the sun
I know the mountains of inner earth.

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