Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vacant Fullness

Perhaps to enter a house empty of life, presence, filled with dust and memories, vacated of all who created the memories is the same as entering one's heart in meditation.  Your thoughts ramble, dart and zoom, some quiet, others making your heart race and then you find your breath, your stillness, your centering peace.  To look around at what was created and to know in your centering thoughts the key is that all was created.  What is not, however, created, but existed even before creation is Love, compassion, the desire and yearning to be known, dwell and abide in communion.  To see the unseen. To touch the invisible. And in doing so, to be wrapped in the very tapestry that created all.  To meditate and return to the heart absent of all "things" created knowing only the source....Love.  I wanted to go somewhere with this thought but yet another bookmark, a thread for the Loom.  Til then.... Keeper of my Heart and Breath.... for the Love you gifted and taught, thank you, still.

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