Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here I am

So why did I create this space, where none, one, some or many may see?  When I walk in nature, through the wind, mud, sand, waves, sun, clouds, moonlight, trees, beaches, mountains and mesas, I see beauty, wholeness, unselfishness, compassion, nurture, symmetry, cooperation and rebirth.  I see gentle and destructive power but neither is arbitrary or acts from greed.  I hear symphonies of rustling leaves and grasses and the timpani of ocean waves, energetic and vibrating life against my heart.  And I ask myself why my life would be different and empty of the same?  Perhaps you too have believed yourself excluded.  If so, this space is for me, this space is for you, a daily reminder to hear the whisper of inclusion, beauty, life, love, persistence and renewal. Snippets and ponderings, mostly ramblings, as I try to learn, heal, grow and live with my heart opened to life.  Not there yet.  Some days I’m not even sure I have begun the journey.  This space is like my little line in the sand, a flag, a lighthouse or even a starting line.  When one of us should stumble, fall to our knees in disbelieving despair, we will know there is at least one other voice, joined with nature’s eternal promise, reaching out gentle hands and whispering, “It is so.” Time to affirm the healing.

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