Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Maybe I just want too much. To know love, the companionship of a partner, the unfulfilled dream of a child, to be able to see and to move without pain,weakness or tremors, peace on earth, food for the hungry, an end to all forms of abuse and intolerance. Maybe I just want too much and the wanting creates such unrest and dis-ease.

I watch the geese fly overhead.  Nature created a yearning inside them that instinctively draws them to places far away. I wonder if they wake up and honk “oh crap, we’ve got to migrate again. Can’t we just stay in one place?” And then I see them floating upon the currents of the wind, their wings tilting this way and that way, their honks of encouragement to the one in the lead. How they take turns buffeting the wind for the others and flying in a formation that makes it easier for the one behind.  How nature’s compass takes them to where they need to be. 

 I think of the freedom of flight, of all that they will see….and the hardships and danger they face.  Nature calls them to migrate knowing the journey will take some of them away from the flock.  And even so, nature also created within them the instinct to mate for life knowing the journey will leave some without their mates, but forever part of the flock.   Maybe I do want too much.  Wanting means I have to have it here and now, no longer have to journey.  Perhaps I just need to learn to fly and listen to my instincts.  Maybe I just need to soar and see the migration.

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