Friday, December 28, 2012

Overall'd Angels

Disclaimer: Nothing profound. Perhaps only a thread for me.

The wind and snow damaged the unused chimney. A random roofer called who came right away.  He assured me he could fix.  I wondered why his adamant affirmation and he brought his arm to my attention. Only an arm to where the elbow should be. He said I can do it, not to worry and not too much. I pulled my stutter hand, hidden in my pocket out and told him, I had no doubt he could. He did.

As life would have it, later after the chimney was repaired, the furnace quit. It was not even 30 degrees and the temp was dropping. It was also 4pm on Friday before the New Year's weekend.  Another random number called with a heart beating a plea for help. Half an hour later, a very tired older man showed up wearing weariness inside his coat. He apologized for the delay and interrupting my evening. He also said the coffee smelled good. I asked him about his day, his Christmas and thanked him for I could see he was tired. With a cup of coffee in one hand and tool box in the other off he went to the basement.  The furnace went on and he asked for a broom. He wanted to sweep where he had worked. With broom in hand and another cup of coffee he cleaned where I would never ever have seen. Thanking him again, and for a bill ever so small, he left having showered some of the weariness and thanked me for the coffee.

I sat in a warm house, with a warm cup of oatmeal warming my stomach.  Sweet tears streamed down my face. Thank you was all I could whisper. Thank you for the oatmeal and angels who pass our way. 

No, nothing profound save profound gratitude.  Gratitude harvest. Angels in overalls. Simply simple whispers that dance tonight with the last full moon of 2012 and the first full moon of a New Age. May it be an illumination of thanks.

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