Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recharging the Primitive

A world with its eye on the sacred altar of electrical sockets to recharge cell phones and computers so we can stay in touch. The mind forever registering, however subtle, whether in service, out of service, roaming and "can you hear me now? or "Why didn't you reply?" We have to be connected.  A world, yes, that has gifted awareness and knowledge of people and friends we could never have met without the technology. We have, indeed, extended our reach beyond belief. We are advanced.

And yet my heart ponders.... to know the twitter of birds and leaves in the wind. To see faces of dragons, dogs and dolphins on the pages of the sky. To feel the whole body, to use our senses, to touch the grass or the hand of another, or to look to see if there are messages or missed calls in another's eyes. To hit re-dial in our hearts and return to what now seems so primitive..the art of conversation drawing electric and passionate current from the heart of another. To simply lay down and recharge our souls. 

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