Thursday, April 4, 2013

Morning's Good Night

Good morning sweet little one. To awaken this morning…again. To awaken again and behold all around me. The gift of life. This sweet gift of life. Do I really comprehend this gift? Or do I see my life, the opening of my eyes like the water and tap – I turn the tap and the water will come on. Or like my car – there should be a car in my driveway. When I turn the key the engine should come on and run without thought of the mechanics and electrical system. Perhaps an occasional look at the gas meter. So much around us now has become an unconscious should. I create day with artificial light. I have faucets and toilets. I have ovens and microwaves that come on in an instant and cook my food. My food is prepackaged at the store ready to go. So much of my life is just expected.

I set an alarm because I expect to wake up. That makes me laugh. Do I really understand the gift of opening my eyes and a new day stands before me? Time in my mind and culture is linear. Time progresses from A to B to C and will, accordingly, one day end. Would I see the world differently when I awake if I knew no time? That though in timeless space all simply is, in timeless space all is also re-created and transforming. What if I knew no time and therefore the awakening and opening of my eyes could reveal a life and being so totally different than what I saw, felt and touched all around me yesterday? That the linear constancy of creation in timelessness might well bring a totally different life today. How would I have said good night? Good morning little one. I opened my eyes and all is and was here. Teach me to say good morning, blessed morning that I might learn to say good night, blessed night, gifted day. Teach me how to open my eyes.

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