Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Body of Evidence

               Sometimes in weariness, other times in frustration or perhaps even comparison, I stand like a stranger looking at this body of mine. I stand and look as if it were an object or thing I do not know.
               This morning the whisper of my body as the image of a silent guardian whose only purpose is to protect, guard and shield. Like those whose job it is to lay down their life for the President, Kings or Queens my body stands as a silent defender absorbing without voice, the slings, arrows and abuse hurled from life and even from me. Silent. Constant. Vigilant. Single focused. To protect the spirit, the Life and Light within. Even when its few basic needs go unanswered still it struggles to guard, shield, embrace and give life.
               The Light within is but one candle of the One. But my body, my body is uniquely mine. My cellular structure, my fingerprints and even my voice are uniquely mine. Another can imitate its appearance but never am I duplicated or found in another. This body is mine, completely, and totally mine.  The Light within is mirrored in every soul and even in nature. The body is never mirrored. Same structural elements yes, but the form, the individual chalice chosen was and is chosen, and not by chance. There are 7 billion other light forms existing as humans upon this earth. My body stands as the only one of its kind. My body is the self-portrait chosen by the Divine, by Life and painted in love.
               I hunger and thirst to feed the heart and spirit with wisdom and grace and to walk the path of peace and love. I meditate to quiet my mind so I can hear the whispers of Life. I become one with nature and Love. I look to the heart as the seat of Wisdom, Grace, Faith and Being. And yet, this morning, to ponder the one gift, the one gift given that truly makes me who I am and was chosen to protect, shield and carry the hunger and even my senses which feed my experience – my body.  In a world inundated by body image so that even children try to starve themselves to be like a created image, to realize the magnificence and unconditional love this body gifts. And even when diseased or limited, frail and not as strong of a warrior as it once was, still she remains that which is uniquely me forever my guardian, forever my experience, forever the self-portrait of the Divine.

My body the evidence of the Divine walking with me.

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