Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unopposing Thumb

To touch your thumbs to each finger. They say the opposable thumb is a defining trait of being human. With it we can grasp, play the piano, and do such things no other form of life can. Its existence literally reshaped our brains. But then I ponder, without a plane I cannot fly. I cannot run with the speed of a cheetah. I cannot sing like a bird which cannot not sing. I cannot play in the ocean like a dolphin or see with an eagle's eye. And unlike so much of nature, I struggle to love and trust unconditionally. 

Am I less because of my thumb?, no no. But it does mean I am responsible, I have a choice to honor my essence, my heart and life. I can choose to sing or remain silent. I can play and gift the piano's music to myself and others who cannot, or clench the amazing gift silently in my lap. All of life with their wondrous gifts look in awe and paraphrase Mary Oliver as they ask What will you do with your amazing opposable thumb..your life?

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