Monday, July 1, 2013

Bitter End

In many boating knots there is Standing End - which takes the strain, and a Tail - the loose end in your hand. On large ships a shore line is initially tightened with a winch. The tail is then properly called a Bitter End as it is transferred to the Bitts - fixed posts to tie the rope. To do this, a second rope is tied to the shore line with a Rolling Hitch a to take the strain temporarily.

Isn't that grand! The Standing End takes the strain. The Tail is to be held loosely in our hands and when it is tied to something fixed, it is known as the Bitter End. And to the strain absorbed by the Standing End, the Rolling Hitch can take the strain temporarily. To ponder the Standing that takes the strain, absorbs, and holds steady an the Rolling, the flexibility of bending and unfixed that temporarily absorbs the strain and pulls of life. But to hold fast, to attach is called the Bitter End. Oh giggle, isn't that grand! 

To Stand in Life, to Stand and know our security and yes perhaps to roll and always to hold loosely. Better yet, to release all ropes and leave the dock and sail. But when we return home, to Stand and hold loosely.

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