Saturday, January 4, 2014

Six Inches of Awakening

It is such a simple thing to wake up in the morning. I know well dark nights where perhaps a thought maybe the morning will not come. I know well the mornings where my eyes open and the world is a fresh mystery, untouched, an absolute purity, clean and open armed.

 I know well the work days where I would toddle off to a corporate meeting breathing the amazing energy of life. I would enter the room and WHAM the energy within would singe me like the open flamed hearth I imagine at steel mills. I would step back outside the door and feel the cool peace. Step back through and feel the fiery negativity. I would ponder those tiny six or so inches separating awareness into two diverse and tangible experiences. I confess, giggle, there were times I thought to do an about face, turn the other way and beg forgiveness later.

The first people the Buddha met after his enlightenment asked if he was a god or what. Buddha replied he was neither. He simply said “I am awake.”  Perhaps that is the thread of waking up in the morning - those tiny six inches or so separating my chosen experience. I can turn on my heels and not enter the portal of life as it is. I can enter as I am awake and open. To see the morning and everyone I meet, the must do, would like to do, breath and emotion as those tiny six inches. To breathe and whisper quietly, sweet mercy yes, thank you, I am and will be awake.

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