Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life's Perfect Timing

The litany of items I could list that delayed my return home. To see the mountains and winter's trees gifted a drive of soft gentle sweet tears. The list continued upon my return as I tried so hard to get out and walk with nature's mountains and trees.

Finally, just before sunset I scurried out. My heart so wanted to say thank you for nature's presence that traveled with me. As I rounded the bend, there she stood. As if she had been patiently waiting. We just stood and spoke in silence. Slowly she walked back into the mountains. I bowed and watered the drought hardened earth with my tears. The whisper so gentle...there are no delays or detours if I but listen with my heart and look to see what waits for me.


  1. Beth, I love your blog. It's so full of heart and soul and beauty. Thank you for this!

    1. Thank you Lorien. From one whose words flow with wisdom and grace, I am humbled...and a giggle. Thank you.