Monday, October 28, 2013


       The grade was posted and read 100 points out of a 100. Couldn’t do any better than that. So why did I continue to groan over the should’ve done this, should’ve read that, and do I really understand what I wrote? And if I hold such criticisms, when good is acknowledged or compliments given, how much more do I hold judgment where perhaps I have not responded so well? 
       Oh the distorted reflections. I smile, and a small giggle. Sweet mercy, if we had learned self-love as deeply as we’ve learned self-doubt, what would the news have to report? What would happen to all the self-help books, addictions, abuse, and the oft sighed phrase, “if only”? I think I shall go and buy packets of little gold stars. Maybe, with a giggle, leave with a tip, hand to another, or even to sprinkle upon the sidewalks as I walk. No, they will have to be BIG gold stars so I can write “REALLY!” upon each one.

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