Friday, October 18, 2013

Bronco Wonder

A rodeo morning riding the bronco of wonder, giggles and simple awe. Have you ever watched pigeons land in a whoosh and then waddle run to a clump of seed? Or a tree shaking like a wet dog spraying leaves all over the ground? Noticed how you awake to one temperature and then as the sun wakes up the temperature drops? Or laughed at a little dog dancing by the cabinet door where the breakfast food awaits? Or watched a squirrel climb the stem of a sunflower plant, fall to the ground as the stem bent and tossed him off? Then to see him stare, ponder, leap and with a chomp grab the bloom and run off with his little mouth filled with a most wonderful and delicious giant pacifier? Or even the bubbles in the sink and the rainbow gifts they offer?  Oh how to tie all these and more images together and hear a single whisper. I cannot. So I will ride the bronco of wonder, giggles, and simple awe and wish to all eyes that read… Good morning! So glad to join you this day of life alive! Sweet mercy....ain't it grand.

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