Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clouds of Dawn

Oh the sky is amazing this morning. The sun's path is changing. It has moved from the hill crest and is hidden behind the trees. But its light has created a halo in the sky. Little wispy clouds are floating across and are in the spotlight. The bottoms of the clouds are glowing yellow and then their color fades into a darker white. Just to the left a slightly larger cloud leads the way. Giggle, a mother elephant followed by the baby. The mother is outside the dome of the halo and stands stark white against the already blue sky of day, no longer sunrise. To watch the little one pass through the dome of light and become simply white upon blue, an amazing sight to see the passing and transition. The dome now stands empty of clouds, waiting for the next one to pass through and be touched. It is even tinier than the first and its whole being is illuminated with the dome's light. I know probably silly, but the imagery takes my breath. The larger cloud sits, untouched by the wind, waiting for the others to pass through and join it against the day's sky blue. And such shall be my day. Touched by brilliant light, stillness and dance, the mystery of transition, my breath creating the shapes and movement of the day.

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