Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Opening Christmas #6: Re-Gifting Magic

On this day 6 of opening Christmas I think of the gifts called white elephants. Giggle, though I do not know why the name. They are often considered gifts to re-gift- especially those gifts of reciprocating guilt for an unexpected gift received.

But what if, instead, we saw the sacred magic of an actual white elephant! What if we chose re-gifting as the perfect gift. The re-gifting of a friend's presence when we were stricken with sorrow. The friend who worried not about perfect words, their presence spoke healing. The re-gifting of a smile or the stranger who helped us pick up packages dropped. The re-gifting of an actual conversation face to face absent texts, emails, and cell phone chatter. What if we chose the re-gifting of all those moments others gifted that healed and perhaps even saved. Oh that we could see such amazing white elephants trumpeting and heralding the season that is.

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