Thursday, December 19, 2013

Heart Exchange

The image is of my little four legged fur angel, Dibley. I did not "buy" her. I had been thinking of getting a dog to replace one I had recently lost. I worked for a rescue group and we were called in to a puppy mill that was going out of business. Whatever dogs/puppies we did not take would be killed. With so few fosters and the condition of the dogs/puppies, we were to take only those that had the best chance of survival. We were not allowed to say a word or speak of the conditions we saw. And there she was...a little puppy so small my hand was bigger than her. Scruffy and shallow breathing, the director of the group shook her head “no,” there were others who had a much better chance.

Being the rebel hobbit I am, I slipped her into my coat pocket, and she is my delight and heart five years hence. Her lack of early nutrition harmed her little brain and body in some ways, but no greater heart or softer eyes have I ever known. She sits in my lap so very quiet when I meditate and knows when the gong is heard it’s time for kisses.

She is my reminder that all that comes into our lives has a chain linked to others and the earth. We do not BUY things, pets, or love... all we bring into our lives is an exchange of the heart.

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