Monday, December 30, 2013

Bookmarked Wakening

I confess my struggle to find this thread. Perhaps it is meant to be another bookmark. To ponder this morning the picture of my beloved Gulf and hear the waves. To see the water gather and swell. The swells and wakes rising, cresting, and spilling upon the beach. 

Are waves singular? Is the water separated and individual? Or does not the entire Gulf or ocean move within and beneath so that all is contained within the one? Can a wave be a wave without carrying and being carried by all? Is discovering our true Self, humanity, heart, enlightenment or awakening a singular effort or wave? Does the Gulf or ocean offer but one wave and sigh “I am done”? Does the path lead to one moment and all effort and paths end? I know not how to express this whisper. Perhaps it is a bookmark calling for a return. Perhaps to simply say, it is but a whisper of A Wake n I.


  1. thank you for sharing your beautiful view. i look forward to exploring more here. found you via your profile on insight timer. _( )_ randy

    1. Bowing to your most kind touch Randy. Know it is received with gratitude and offered forward to all others. Namaste.