Thursday, December 12, 2013

Opening Christmas Day 8: RSVP NOT

On this day 8 of opening Christmas I ponder an email I tried to write last night. I was trying to thank someone for a simple simple gift they sent to me. A small gift nature gifted. Not Christmas. Something they said simply had my name written all over it. did. Oh sweet mercy it did. Sweet mercy it did.

So why did my mind take off like a rocket trying to think of something equally perfect I could send? Why did my body tense wondering how I could match such a gift? Why is it so hard to simply receive? Why can't I just see both the day moon and the branches in focus and not focus on one overpowering the other?

 I remembered her words, "It had your name written all over it."  Holding the small gift in my hands, as my smile was gifted a drink of sweet tears, I whispered "Thank you." It had my name written. It had love and attention written. It did not have RSVP. Opening Christmas, may my heart also open to simply receive. Is that not the song sung in the heavens?

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