Thursday, October 25, 2012

A thread of hot chocolate and a splash of yellow

And sometimes when I ponder that teachings and inner knowing that I am here, by choice, to create, to discern the vibrations that create and change myself, the earth, and others it is almost too much for me to comprehend.  Then to think that as I learn, discern and create I am likewise expanding and enhancing All that is, sweet mercy, my little heart explodes.

As I was so pondering, and the winter clouds struggled to breach the mountains, how my thoughts, my vibrations, my energy creates and changes, draws and manifests, I stood at the window holding my cup of hot chocolate. There on the feeder was a bird never seen. A beautiful midnight black bird with one splash of yellow on its wing. I smiled in wonder and awe and whispered, "How my friend did you find my little feeder?"  And my pondering heart giggled and the Universe smiled.

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