Sunday, October 7, 2012

Creating Creation

The Essence of Love and being a Lover is creation. Two BEcome and create a new One. Essence is creation, creating, throwing off the veils and immersion into a dance, touch, and presence such that each knows the heart of the other, their fragrance, their breath, their walk, voice, and swims beneath the color of their eyes. Intimacy. If the Essence of Love and BEing a Lover is creation I look around and ponder why I withhold or feel timid about creating? I can say I am not an artist but it is not the "product" of creation that creates intimacy it is the discovery, the movement, the release, the dance. The Essence of Love and Lovers is creation, drawing, painting, sculpting, gardening, writing, music and dancing naked before the Other as the two merge into One in the act of Creating. I remember one day in nature when my body and spirit BEcame totally breathless and I whispered, 'let me not have to wait until death to merge into thee' and I felt the Essence of nature. I release today my broken eyes, tremored hand I hide in my pocket and judgement of the outcome and BEcome Life's Lover...creating, creation, intimate Lovers dancing with unfettered hearts. I do not have to wait for perfection, Life, my Lover, calls Today, Now and I will dance with the abandonment of a Lover whispering Yes.

Perhaps nothing strikes fear in our hearts as much as trying to create something...poetry, drawing, arranging flowers, painting, sculpting, playing an instrument or singing. The world has taught us that "art" is judged. But if we quiet ourselves, can we not feel the urge to burst out in some act of creation? It is not the outcome, it is the Dance, the Essence of release. BEcome Life's Lover and dance in the heart of creation. Only, Life, the creating Lover will see. Create.

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