Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hospitable Welcome

It was almost 7 a.m., 31 degrees, light freezing mix falling. The sun's stretch hidden by the sudden appearance of winter. It was my time to walk. I had been pondering what I would do this winter, caught in the trap of mind fearing time. There is no time in Life, no tomorrow wrapped in fear. Life is timeless, fearless and offers faces and doors of discovery, dance, anticipation and gifts of surprise and wonder. I could "think" of all the reasons to postpone my walk or not even walk, or I could melt into Life, embrace, open the the door wide and say "Come in" and "Welcome." I opened the door and let Life stand between "in" and "hospitable" BEcoming "IN ~ Hospitality."

I opened the door. The clouds came and sat at the mountain's table. The sun touched the tips of autumn's trees making them look like hundreds of paint brushes dripping with the palette's paint upon the blank canvas of the sky... and I walked into and with Life.

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