Sunday, October 21, 2012

To Hear the Hawk's Wings

In the absolute stillness of a windless path to look up and not needing ears or eyes, to hear the wings of a hawk soaring and see the earth, I laughed with the freedom of knowing I chose to be here.  This body, time and space were my choice.  I chose to co-Create. I chose Love.

A while back I got lost in the mountains. Passing an amazing tree- for the fourth time- thinking I was heading back, I realized I was soooooooo lost. As no one ever knows my coming and going, I sat by the tree and thought, ‘ok, now what’ and then giggled with delight.

  I did not poof here into this life.  There is no puppeteer holding the strings. I am not lost or powerless waiting for instructions. I chose this body, time and space. Like a candle, my Light is not separate from the Source from which the wick was lit and yet it moves within this unique melting of wax, wick and the Source’s flame, never separated yet moving forth. There is no mystery to unravel, save the mystery of wonder, awe and beauty.  I do not have to wait for instructions.  And in that little truth I have my freedom.  I chose to be here. This body, time and space were my choice. I chose to co-Create.  .  I chose TO BE.  TO BE…here.   I chose Love.  

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