Thursday, October 4, 2012


With a word or silence, a glance or turning away I give either Love or judgment, which is to say acceptance or rejection. Perhaps that is why busyness is a priority, and To Do lists the drivers, no time to notice the choice made.  Even technology can intensify the absence of the voice, the texture, the breath of the other, the time to write a complete word and sentence that lets you linger with the thought of the other, or it diminishes the physical other by putting them on pause to respond.  Technology gives a voice to my scriches but I know not where they go.  On both the macro and human level,  we've created ways to distance ourselves. Yet more and more books, programs, and get-a-ways are likewise created and purchased in answer to the longing “what is the meaning” or finding happiness or how to shut down and sleep.

There was a thread when I began but I've learned the art of backspacing. 

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