Friday, October 12, 2012


I struggle so to figure it all out, to understand, imagine, grow and become the soft that is in my heart. It is a tender sweet little heart that easily sheds a tear to see the beauty, simplicity and sweet Hands of Life.  I do believe. I believe there is hope. I believe there is goodness. I believe we are each unique and placed here for a purpose that only we can fill. I believe like a giant jig saw puzzle the absence of our piece, our heart our purpose will be noticed and felt. I believe the Heart can transform, not scar, any experience. I believe that people gifted into our lives and friendship, partners, and lovers are as treasured as the gift of breath - without them the spirit suffocates. I believe that when we believe nothing can stop us. I believe in compassion that sees the beauty, love, potential and wonder in the other's eyes and then sees the reflection is in truth his or herself. I believe that nothing is ordinary, all a gift, a wonder a treasure to see and feel. I believe love can translate any language and gift restoration to any sense of loss. I believe in the earth, nature, the dance of the sun and moon. I believe presence with and for another completes the dint in the image of the heart. I believe people filled with passion, purpose, dreams and abundant abundance are no different than I. I believe we can heal, ourselves and others. I do believe. I do.

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