Monday, November 4, 2013

AT the Being of BE

I do love words and the powerful changes a subtle shift can make. So many of our sayings, prayers and meditations use the words “like,” “know” or “at.” May you be like the sun giving never asking for return. May you know the state of happiness. May you be at peace.  But the words feel like a place or emotion, here or there but never quite me. In the midst of turmoil I can be “at” peace. But how much more powerful would it be, if instead, in the midst of turmoil I “was” peace? To change the “likes” and “at’s” to being or be. And so today, for myself, all beings, and all life, my meditations are that all may be at peace and at ease. But with a heart smile, I shall add “May all BE peace. May all BE ease. May all BE happiness and joy. May all BE strength. May all fully BE.

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