Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cross Hairs and Crossroads

I pondered the week and the image of cross hairs and crossroads floated into my mind. Sometimes to feel you're caught in the cross hairs, the aim directed at you. Other times to see through the cross hairs. We focus with intent and attention, seeing what needs to be seen, setting the goals and targets. Then there are crossroads. To simply walk the path, knowing that everything changes, evolves, and returns.  All we set our sights upon -the joy we would cling to and the stress or hurt we would push away - shall pass. Both shall twist and turn, like crossroads, beckoning us further down the path. 

May your day unfold like crossroads, delighting in the mystery and awe of the turns and twists. May you know the path is certain; your steps are well grounded. No need for cross hairs, giggle, the sights are ever changing… sweet mercy, ain't that grand!

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