Friday, November 8, 2013

Simply Rise Simply Try

To practice acceptance of all circumstances, feelings, people, and events with compassion and without judgment, not forgetting it applies to the self. My heart sighed to read such words. And then the gentle whisper, “Are they but a bumper sticker placed on your car? Or have you experienced them as both the car and fuel that carry you upon the path? Are the words but your hiking boots worn in the house?” Oh I may get lost in my car. I may get stuck in traffic jams. I have to wash, fuel, and maintain the car. I have to clean off the winter snow and ice so I can see. And I can put on my boots and perfectly lace each eyelet, tie the perfect knot and sit on the couch. The word is to practice, to experience, and to try. No mention of perfection or attainment. To slip inside the car or my boots and travel the path. Nike says “Just Do It.” The path, knowing I am human, says, “Get up and try.” The moon and sun never check the weather to see if conditions are favorable. They simply rise.

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