Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blessed Day

A morning like fall, only fifty eight degrees. The day whispered to come to her and see a different nature. I walked to the downtown main street and the morning whispered 'Worry not about the pain.' Sitting outside a small town cafe, I tasted the sounds and morning breeze beneath a canopy pretending to hide the sun. 

Coffee and breakfast ordered with the crispness of the morning air. 

A shop keeper came out to tend the petunias.  She taught me about pruning, the energy of plants and invited me in for coffee when breakfast was done.  

As I looked at the plate, even the sun seemed to smile. The morning air and the energy of the plants told my body there would be no pain.  The empty plate a witness to hope for my fading body. 

The shopkeeper shared her Native American treasures and talked of the mountains and how they too had drawn her here.  Taking my hand in hers, her voice quiet and soft, 'Welcome and blessings' she bid me as I readied to leave.  I paused at the door, partly to savor the morning nectar and partly from embarrassment, I had failed to introduce myself.  She gifted me her name, and with a smile, "And yours?"  "My name is Beth" I replied with hands to my heart as I bowed.

Walking back, I paused by the river to give thanks, and savor a bit longer, the morning breeze.  To drink and taste again the coffee, quiche and fresh fruit partaken with no thought but their delight.   To wish a blessed day to a stranger friend and celebrate the river'd dance of Life.

Namaste to all who see, Welcome and Blessings on this gifted day.

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