Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Riding through Windows

The anticipation made my body quiver.  Trying to figure out a way to keep my jeans on my disappearing body made me laugh. Too excited to wait, I left almost an hour early for the one hour drive. Windows down, sun roof open and the iPod playing new songs.  The car and I danced through the curved mountain roads, singing and remembering.  I was on my way to ride a horse through the mountains.  Remembering my horse from childhood, I tried to remember the feel of my foot in the stirrup, grasping the saddle and pulling myself up, swinging my other leg until I nested into the saddle, into the embrace of gentle power. I would ride across mythical plains and mountains, chasing dragons, racing the wind. More often than not, I would just sit, letting the sun warm my body, feeling the breathing of the horse beneath my body, and knowing an unknowable peace.

After a cup of cafe coffee, my body and heart  quivering even more, the cell phone went off as I got into the car. Just five minutes from riding my wind horse, they called to cancel.  Too much rain last night, upon the parched earth, unsafe for the horses, reschedule for tomorrow.  My heart eagerly agreed, knowing how dangerous the mud would be for the horses. But, still.....

Putting the car in reverse, a direction I know too well, a smile gathered the gentle sweet tear.  Pausing, I opened the windows and sunroof, caressed the steering wheel and clicked my tongue. "Giddyup" I whispered, "Tomorrow. Maybe. For now, my little horse of steel, time to ride."

Upon my horse of steel I rounded the mountain curves with gravity pulling me towards her body. I traveled mythical plains, raced the dragons and with windblown hair I sang....

"Sometimes a dream is just like a window
Like a window that opens on blue.
Some windows are just made for looking
Some windows for climbing through..."
~Deidra McCalla "Some Windows"

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