Thursday, August 2, 2012


Sundogs. I do not know where the name came from or what it means. They are called sundogs in Minnesota, rainbows or prisms floating inside a cloud. Some have been so spectacular that they literally pulled my car to the road's shoulder so I could stare in wonder.  The morning's coffee outside gifted such a sight.  First one I've seen since I left Minnesota. I scurried inside to get my camera only to find it gone.  Their presence is fleeting, a simple gift, then gone.

After my muttered "rats" I pondered, how sundogs are like so many experiences in life. We want to capture them, hold on to them, have proof we really did overcome or for a brief moment felt ourselves to be alive.  In our hurry to understand, analyze, figure it out, gather the proof, and file it away in a scrapbook under "I remember when..." we fail to sit and simply accept the gift, to drink the morning coffee and actually taste and feel the warmth, fragrance and steam instead of guzzling or making a dusty scrapbook fat with frozen memories.  We want to share and in sharing find the words themselves are so inadequate as to bore the other....unless they too have seen a sundog.   We do not trust the same Giver that gifted the sundog to also gift another who understands, has seen, and needs only glimpse the look of wonder in your eyes without words, to see the sundog in your heart. And if there is no one to share the wonder, to join my heart in celebration of the unseen who also saw, and humbly accept the prism'd thread, for now, meant just for me.

"Why am I here?" "To create the world in every moment." ~ Deepak Chopra, The Book of Secrets


  1. I see you Dear One...just as your beloved Sundog.

    I See You!

    Radiant Blessings,

  2. A gentle sweet smile radiating blessings back to you Akasa. Thank you.