Monday, August 13, 2012

Waiting Eyes

Sometimes it takes all my willpower to stop myself from going to the local shelter and bringing home every abandoned dog and cat.  In Minnesota my friends would call on Sundays, between 2-4pm, to make sure I was home - that was when the local shelter would have an open house near my house.  I look at my little Dibley, and think of how she fit in my coat pocket when I went with the rescue group to a puppy mill and I carried her out...and home with me.  I think of how, though abandoned, neglected and abused the animals are, they look through their cages, eyes filled with hope and their tails wagging every time someone walks by- despite being ignored and abandoned, they still.... simply want to love and give.

And if my heart can be so tender, and if nature has created such unselfish, loving and forgiving hearts in these small creatures.... what must the heart of the sweet Hands of Life feel when She waits, abandoned and forgotten behind the mind's cage of fear or unworthiness.

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