Saturday, August 4, 2012

To Steer the Wind

Have you ever felt a house sigh? The summer has been quite hot, and the un-air conditioned house has only one east facing window to let air in. The wind seldom blows from the east.  This morning, before dawn, as I opened the window, the curtains danced and a morning breeze streamed through the house, and I heard her sigh. Such a little gift, unseen, offering a release that made her sigh.

I will never be a Mother Teresa, Ghandi nor wise and all loving.  But even mud puddles can become a canvas for dropped petals of blue.  Some gifts people offer are magnificent.   Others offer simple gentle acts of presence, a touch to say 'I am here,' a soft exhale to breathe another's name in prayer and thought ....  and like the gentle Hand that turned the breeze towards the East, such simple gifts cause the house, the heart, and Life to sigh.


  1. Mother Theresa? Ghandi? No...for they were who they were and you are who you are. Wise and Loving nonetheless, and have for me become a canvas for dropped petals of blue, and by no accident. The Sweet Hands of Life drew me here and it has been a Love Story since... A simple act of your presence, touching my presence, a breeze from the East that caused me to sigh, much like the house, and yes, my life.
    'Tis what was intended all along...Godsparks! Ahhh sweet sighs...
    I am here.

  2. Gathered with you and all our lights. In lak 'ech - you are my other me.
    Thank you for the kind words and the image of the breeze from the east... yet another sigh. Namaste with open hands.