Tuesday, August 7, 2012

For the Rains to Come

I need to go to the store. I am almost out of coffee and creamer.  I cannot blame the coffee for being bitter.  I cannot blame the cup for being empty.  If I do not reach, walk towards while opening my hands to receive the gifts, I cannot blame the sweet Hands of Life for not hearing the longings of my heart and soul.

And as I walked a new mountain path, beyond my path, lay a forest and earth ravaged by fire. The earth dry and parched needing rain knowing even that need will cause more scarring upon the scorched earth, but rain it needs. There, clinging to a barren branch, ever so tiny in size, was a small clinging red thread. Like the scorched earth, my body made the journey seeking healing knowing in the granting of hope would come the rain.  

Every choice I make is a choice of regret, grievance and hopelessness or a miracle. Today I let get go of regret, grievance and hopelessness and choose the miracle. [paraphrased from "A Course in Miracles"]

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