Friday, August 10, 2012

To Breathe the Dawn

The night held on to the ecstasy of dawn waiting to release. They danced as the hush of the darkness surrender quivered in the yielding.  The wind danced through the trees like ocean waves in the distance. In quiet stillness my eyes closed, my body anticipating the touch. Her footsteps drew closer, my breath slowed awaiting her arrival.  At last, the touch pushed against my body.  I inhaled the wind. Her coolness chilled my lungs. The freshness of her breath filled with the fragrance of all the leaves she had touched filled my heart.  And when I could inhale no more, I released my breath.  Exhaling, Life and my soul gave birth to a new breath, that of my heart joined with the Wind and accepted into the sweet Hands of Life. Opening my eyes I saw the dawn's blush and sighed to think that the wind now carried our breath through the trees, to touch nature and life with the whisper'd  exhale of 'Peace.'


  1. I stopped in to sit in your wondrous and beautiful energy here...
    I have no name for you, so I shall whisper Beloved, and thank you for your threads, threads which keep me coming back, and thanks as well for stopping by my blog.

    Breathing Peace,