Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heart Hug

Some hugs you will never forget.
My passion, joy, and delight are feeding the birds, squirrels, and marmots that grace my yard. My state, in such a drought, the bears have left the mountains in search of food. No danger except for humans who will not let them pass through. A mother and cub have found the bird seed. Humans will not let them be. My heart wept. To call Wildlife would mean their killing. To not stop feeding the birds meant I was inviting their harm. I sat in meditation seeking my heart. I made the call.

Some angels are delicate, wispy white wings and soft ivory faces. Others are big burly men, bald and waddle when they walk. I will clean up all seed and put no more down. I will leave a corn meal blessing for the birds, squirrels, and marmots and a promise to feed again soon. A burly angel sits watch in his truck having talked so gently to the mother bear. He will do nothing now. He saw the silent tears streaming down my face and wrapped me against his body in a true bear hug..

Some hugs you will never forget.  The union of two hearts, two strangers, and one prayer…may all beings and creatures be safe.  To seek the heart and then to listen to what it says. Namaste sweet life. I do honor you.

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