Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hands of Curiosity

If only there had not been exams and grades. The dreaded red pencil upon the papers turned in. For some reason I have wondered just what the world looks like through a microscope. To imagine the galaxies and worlds that exists right now that I cannot see. The opportunity was lost in school as the dreaded red pen of judgment transformed curiosity, openness and seeing into an object lesson of trying to please. 

I have no microscope so the worlds remain unseen. But before me now a cricket hops and suddenly looks like a moth as it flies from here to there. Three evergreen sentinels stand firm and still while an elm tree is dancing softly like a lace curtain behind an open window. A few yellow leaves are the scouts of fall. A roofer’s hammer mimics a woodpecker. I wonder if he hums while he works. A single leaf looks like two. And beneath all I see are the galaxies and universes streaming that I cannot see but this morning to feel. No dreaded red pen today! There is no right or wrong way to look and see! The only question on today’s test and journal is “Look little one! Look! Tell me, do you see the wonder, the awe the absolute abundance about you!” Curiosity is the hands that opens the gifts.

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