Monday, September 9, 2013

Lost Found

I tried to ponder loss. Does the absence of one drop really change the ocean? Does loss mean something no longer exists? I pondered those loved now lost. I pondered the words from hospice, “Do not say she is dying. She is no different than you standing there instead of lying in the bed.” I pondered these failing eyes that struggle to read the words typed. This and that, no longer here. Lost? Gone? Are there no longer hearts that love and are loved by another? Are there no longer eyes that can read? Is there no longer this and that? Is loss like the new moon, so black but it is only her position that makes her light lost? Is loss the absence of mine and the shape, form and time I desire, perhaps demand? 

It is not acceptance. It is not release. I can still grieve; I can still feel the absence. But, as I laugh my heart begins to sing as it feels the love of 7 billion hearts and the changeless Heart of the One. I laugh to see through 14 billion eyes and the changeless eyes of the One. I experience the this and that through all and All. Maybe your heart? Maybe your eyes? Who knows the abundance is so grand. And should you need strong legs to walk the mountains, know there are two good ones here, laughing, and offering you their joy. And should you giggle for some unknown reason, giggle again to think another has laughed through you.

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