Friday, September 27, 2013

Transmuting Moments

The sun has journeyed over the mountain hill, it is in a different place this morning. The wind is dancing with the trees. If this were the only moment of sight and then sight would be gone, the colors and shapes of trees would be so different from that gifted with the same moment in just a few hours. Who would be right?  And even if the moment of seeing the trees and sky were done at exactly the same time every day throughout the years, still the vision would be different as the earth moves around the sun. Like the proverb of blind men defining an elephant, one only feeling the trunk, another a leg and another only the tail. Whose sight is right? Whose wisdom and perception the truth? A reminder of how little we see. Only this moment is what we have. To be mindful of how we define ourselves, our day and others based only upon this one moment. But an even better and magnificent reminder of the expansive wonder and awe that is before us.... waiting, waiting, for us to see.

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