Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bookmark of Intention

Three weeks ago I went to the waterfall river with one intent- to lay my body down and feel the current rush over my body. To feel, well, simply alive.

I gathered my witnesses..... and then laid my body down. The water was freezing. The rushing dirt and river rocks gathering inside my hair and clothes had not been planned. The river of my laughter flowed through the mountains, trees, rushing with the river's current...and dirt and rocks. Ok, yes, I confess, one bad word as well as the cold water almost made my heart stop.

For those moments, I changed the course of a river. The river bed where I laid was forever changed. Rocks that without my body would have arrived at one destination were diverted to another. For those moments my body, mind, spirit joined with nature in a brief creation.  My intent was to simply feel alive. It wasn't until I laid in the grass three weeks later, looking at the clouds, that I realized the effects of my intent.

Where am I trying to go with this post? Sigh, another bookmark to return to on a cloud filled day when I am wiser. For now, the thread of truth I know, is that however small, no matter if I think my intentions affect only me, when intention touches life, Life and all about you changes. Intention creates. Creation brings change. The river of intention reflects my attention. What will I do with it?

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