Friday, July 13, 2012

Gilligan's Three Hour Tour

A riddle - how many times does a hiker have to pass a bench - gracefully placed on a mountain path- before they realize they are lost and going in circles?

Answer - at least four and I smile.

A new path and mountain to hike. An hour to enjoy the quiet solitude of new.  Three hours later - and four passes of the bench - I realized I was lost, had lost the path and no one knew where I was. Not even myself-specifically, that is. I stood pondering which way to go, began singing softly the theme song to Gilligan's Island - emphasizing the chorus .... "A three hour tour."  

Turning I saw the tree growing out of the mountain ledge, my sigh of wonder and awe replacing the song. Turning once again I saw the road. No path to the road, but the road was there. I thanked the tree and plowed my way down the mountain to the road. Sometimes I get so caught in the journey I do not notice I am lost and going in circles.  It is when I still myself that I can see the strength. In seeing the strength I can find the road and return.

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