Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Taste the rain

Such a brief rain, not even twenty minutes. But how can one not go and walk and celebrate the drink given to the parched earth?

As I approached the lake, and watched the last of the dancing rain drops tap upon the lake's surface, I paused to wonder - what does rain feel like to the lake? Water upon water dancing. Does it feel different than the cascade of the fountain or the droplets spraying from a fish trying to fly? Compared to the parched dry earth, quickly soaking in the droplets before they are reclaimed by the sun, what does rain feel like upon the lake?

And then I pondered, how immune one can get to simply surviving, accepting the insults, mediocrity, the stress and pulls of life, that they become unnoticed - just more water upon water, like rain upon the lake. 

A fish suddenly jumped. A brilliant red Koi and splashed back into the water.  His jump was sassy, playful,free and unashamed.  Even with blurry eyes I could see the spray and ripples he created were different than those from the drops of rain. Maybe he wanted to taste the rain.

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