Saturday, July 21, 2012

Choosing my skin

Sitting outside, the morning sun stretching and expanding her light, her heat folded around my body and I began to sweat. Too early for this much heat, should not be this hot in the morning. My immediate thought was that this did not bode well for the rest of the day in an unairconditioned house with only one window to open. The heat continued to wrap my body, gently, but heated. Finally, with a giggle, I realized, unlike other mornings, I had a black tank top on instead of the white or gray. It is the nature of black to absorb the light and heat. When worn, it gathers the heat and holds it against us. It is simply the nature of black, no omen, nothing suggesting that the day would be this or that. Just the law of physics, of the universe that says this color will hold the heat. That simple.

The choice I made, the cloth skin I put on was creating discomfort. In the winter such a choice would have offered warmth against the cold.  But today, I needed a different skin but did not exercise my own law of energy or universe that said, I have a choice, but choice means I must pay attention. I sat in gratitude for the warmth and sweat, appreciating the gift of order and naturalness. I then changed my tank top and sat again where I was. Felt the warmth of the morning sun but not the heat and thanked the sweet Hands of Life, that today, each moment, it is I who choose my skin.  The rest, the outcome, is but a reflection of my choice.

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