Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ultimate Ride

I don't do rides. I remember going to the fair with high school friends who cajoled me into doing the safe ride shaped like an open apple that turned but not to fast. The attendant pushed the bar down in our laps. I saw him turn back and look. He walked back to us, lifted the bar, took my hand and said, "not for you." I stood and watched.  My friends said I was so absolutely pale they thought they could see my skull. Even driving up hill when the road disappears can disorient me and cause my heart to quicken. 

This morning, sitting outside, getting ready to close my eyes for my morning meditation, as always, I looked up to the sky and felt that same disorientation, nothing to ground me. I realized there were no clouds, nothing to say I am here, they are there and the sky is the background. Making myself continue to look (I confess my hands on the ground) a sweet tear trickled down my face.  I ground myself with horizons, mountains, trees, city skylines, trees and clouds. Even the expanse of the night sky contains the boundaries and grounding of the stars.  Boundaries that define me, tell me I am here, they are there and all else is simply the background painted to look at, like a framed piece of art.  But, don't you think, just maybe, the call, the whisper is to release the boundaries, release that which grounds and allow ourselves to ride into the expanse of unlimited being, love, life and unity? Maybe people like rides because they get to experience brief moments when they are released from boundaries, gravity and free fall.... Maybe the ride, the whispered call is to release and trust, to drop into the blue of the sky....the unlimited sky of who we are...the ultimate ride.
Tray table gone.
No seat to put in an upright position.
No seat belt.
No worry about an oxygen mask.
Take off.............

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