Saturday, July 14, 2012

White fire in the mirror

Offering my thanks for the wildfires that have been quenched and prayers for the scarred earth and displaced animals, the Old Woman called to my eyes and her white sky fire arising.  She reminds me that what appears to be dead is very much alive burning with the white fire of the Lotus.  Old, misshaped, weathered by life, parts of herself are truly dead but she is alive.  As in life, the winds of change and choice will erase the image of her white fire reaching.  But only the image will be erased.  I saw.  I know the fire was and is there.  I bow my head with the promise to not forget nor the mirror she held up to me.

“You do not resemble anyone. ..You do not fit in a house with anyone. You have left the closed-in corner where you lived. Domestic animals get ridden to work. Not you. You are as you are, an indescribable message on the air.”  ~Rumi

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