Monday, September 10, 2012

Bookmark - Imprisoned abundance

I pondered so, how it could have happened. And leave the thread here, a bookmark to return when perhaps I am more wise.  Yesterday my little feeder caught my eye and I confess I stood and stared, my eyes and my brain on two different highways and unable to make sense of what I saw. Finally my brain begged my heart to "do something" and she compensated for the eyes. Inside the feeder, frantic and beating against the plastic sides was a small trapped sparrow.  Even now, I cannot figure out how she got trapped inside.  I ran outside and freed her tiny little body, watching her fly far far away from her prison.

I guess we never know how we get trapped. We can see outside not noticing the walls. We are amidst the food and seed we long for and yet, somehow, we have let ourselves become trapped, hemmed in, surrounded by abundance and yet imprisoned. I emptied the feeder to see how she got in. I could not find an entrance. I sighed to think, how quickly, in feeding our longings we never notice the walls we have entered. A thread here, I'll return. For now, the feeder is filled again, and I keep an attentive eye on the feeder outside, and the feeder within.

"Awaken to the mystery
of being here
and enter the quiet
immensity of your own presence."

"May your soul beautify
The desires of your eyes
That you might glimpse
The infinity that hides
In the simple sights
That seem worn
To your usual eyes."
~John O'Donohue

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