Sunday, September 16, 2012

Journaled Sky's Reply

Good morning my little heart. Sweet life has awakened us to another morning. The body did not falter and the birds were fed. We savored our oatmeal and coffee as the pigeons hummed their way to the seed. We read of not fearing death, of transitions and awakening. We read of love of Life and the divine spark. We read of nature, her rhythms and cycles. We read of the heart, embedded in darkness, encased behind bone that will not decay, and yet she is the lighthouse, forever streaming forth light to show us the course of waves, shallow waters and hardened rocks.  We read how the blood, so weary from its journey, its cleansing and so depleted returns to the heart. Defying gravity the blood returns and the heart breathes new life into the blood and renewed it returns to offer the breath to all our cells. We sat in silence and felt the morning breeze cloak us like a mother gently covering her newborn sleeping child. We felt the rainbow prisms dancing upon our face. And as the sun rose higher, the warmth weaving through our shirt, flesh and bone warming the heart and joining their light.   Good morning my little heart and spirit. The gift of morning, the day, of life has been given. A simple thread left here, a small thread offered to Life, to simply say thank you. Meager and humbled, timidly shared. To leave the timid sharing and go forth boldly into the day, and open the Gift.   Remembering the journal sky we wrote about yesterday and the words we left, tócame ...touch me...  to hear Life's reply  her echo and request back to us
tócame...touch me.

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