Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Loosening Evolution

Sometimes I ponder the evolution of our evolution. Outside the window, a migrating sparrow standing on the edge of a little plastic tray I fill with their water, bowed towards the water to take a drink.  Later, the feisty squirrel, who makes me laugh, climbed the birds' feeder and with his small tiny hands clasped as in prayer, drew the seed towards his mouth.  Two postures so different than those we use - a bow towards the water of life and hands held like a prayer.

Neither the squirrel nor the bird have opposable thumbs or brains like ours.  And yet neither questions or frets whether they will be fed or given drink.  I know, but a silly thought, like so many, that sometimes wounds my mind. But it gave me pause to ponder the not so ordinary of life, the simple things that sometimes, perhaps, with grace, can overshadow our "evolution."

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