Friday, September 21, 2012

Sacred Stem

Beneath the bloom the lotus's roots lie entangled in mud.  Unbeautiful, invisible, their thin bodies not mistaken for delicate.  A slender stem joins the blossom to the roots. The beautiful and delicate blossom but the manifestation of the roots' innate yearning that the blossom unfold into its beauty. Separating the mud and beauty a mirrored reflection of beauty only, the mask of love worn by the roots. Only that so elegant, full of grace and softness should be seen. 

The soft and beautiful offering a gentle fragrance and dance to the world. The muddy and unseen, entombed in a darkened world. Separated by a reflection. Perhaps the true beauty, the sacred touch lies in the stem which knows both the crypt and birth of life. 

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Lotus Flowerby =George-kirk

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