Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Growl, Screech, Eeeek and a Blessing

I have no photo that resembles the thread. I giggle to think I am almost glad I have no photo.  So bad the pain last night, as Friday became Saturday, I stepped outside on the front porch with my faithful little scruffy white companion.  Nature's gentle cool breeze gathered us both in a most gentle embrace.  Eyes closed, listening to the wind's whisper I felt the sound of the breeze change. Opening my eyes, at the same time my little dog jumped against the screened porch wall, four eyes met two and in the night breeze a screech, an eeeeeek and a growl could be heard. There standing on his hind legs about to take down the bird feeder on the other side of the screen was a rather large bear. If he (or her) had extended his reaching paw towards the screen, we could have shook hands and introduced ourselves.  With his muttered growl, the little dog's screech and my own eeeeek, I gathered my little friend and into the house we scampered.

Sitting, now with two pains - laughter and the other- I explained to my frantic companion the bear was simply hungry.  Our drought has been unkind to all life. Watching the sun rise I went out to feed the birds, wondering if the feeders were still intact. The empty feeders were intact.  I giggled aloud to think of last night and pondered a simple silly thread - What do a blue moon, a brown bear, a white dog and pain have in common?  One smiles, one growls, one screeches and one cries. When you mix them together, with a gentle midnight breeze, you have but one sound, laughter, you have but one feeling, blessed peace.  And that, for anyone who should happen to read, is simply grand. 

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